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Inspired by Kotgari Devi Temple, a group of young corporate professionals came together to set up Kotgari Devi Trust to work with grassroots initiatives for religious activity & effecting positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children, their families and communities. Kotgari Devi Trust is the trust, establish by M/s Neelam Joshi who are working for society with heart and sole we are working in Uttarakhand since a long time. We are running different kinds of program in Uttarakhand like Religious Activity, Food Distribution camp, free Medical Camp , Free Cloth distribution Camp, Plantation for saving environment.

Kotgari Devi Trust, an Indian social development organization, is directly benefitting over one thousand children and their families every year.The groundwork for a better life lies in education. It is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. However, a child cannot be educated in isolation. Only an empowered family, especially the mother, would be willing to educate their child. Thus, rather than focusing on only one stage of a person's life, we believe in the lifecycle approach.

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Kotgari Devi Trust means “Religious life giving”. True to its name we seek to spread light of hope and care to kindle lights in the lives of needy and underprivileged. The focus of Kotgari Devi Trust is not just limited to the religious services but also support needy people including children, women and disabled.

Mission & Vision

We have challenged traditional methods of orphan care and continue to pioneer innovative child-care approaches. We help children who have no one else to turn to. With a sensitive yet confident approach we are determined to question, learn and take action for children around the world.

We are dedicated to helping generations of children have a better life. We do this by nurturing lasting relationships with our donors, our co-workers and the communities in which we are rooted. We believe that by making a long-term commitment we have a meaningful and sustainable impact.

We believe in each other's abilities and potential. We support and respect one another, and build an environment where we can approach our responsibilities with confidence. In an atmosphere of trust we are inspired to share our experiences and learn from each other.