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We're for spiritual services


Kotgari Devi Trust is a socio-religious organization with a mission to promote and propagate Hindu religion and culture by helping individuals perform as well as understand religious ritual- practices, ancient Hindu scriptures, philosophy, and Para- sciences. We are working to uplift human values and conditions through selfless service.

Uttarakhand is the major religious centers of Hinduism where roughly five crore people visit annually for various religious and cultural activities. We serve them through our main religious objective - Seva Prakalp. Under Seva Prakalp, we are running several programs of Seva at Harkipauri like providing Free Medical Care, Food for the poor and destitute; Free legal service, Maintenance of Gaushala, and Cleaning of Ganga Ghats, etc.

We're working for education system


The most powerful weapon in the world is education. A good education to a young child can definitely change the future world to be clean and peaceful.

offers all that is required to ensure the kids receive a formal education to bring them out of poverty in the future. The power of best NGO for children in India in promoting education at the grass root is a great service to the nation. The NGO works at the grass root level to strengthen and spread awareness to enrol children to mainstream schools. In some cases, the NGO also have Residential School for children who are mentally and physically challenged. Utmost care is taken towards taking care of the safety of these kids.

Generally, due to parent’s carelessness most of the vulnerable children in the poorest section miss school. The NGO identifies these children, convinces the parents and enrol them in schools. For children who have missed formal schooling for years, the NGO also take gap schooling to improve their knowledge and skills. They also conduct awareness and counselling session through workshops to create the sense of importance to education in rural villages especially with focus on school girls.

Your donations can definitely help a young child become self-sustainable and thrive in his or her life. You can be rest assured that your money will be used for ensuring quality education to children. The NGO have well trained and qualified teachers who are kind in imparting the right skills to unprivileged children. Donate us today and make a child a doctor or engineer or IT professional.

We're working for better environment


Planting the trees has many benefits both to humans and the ecosystem around. Restoration of land by planting trees on road side and vacant lands can create a healthier climate and protect biodiversity. NGO plays a critical role in helping reforestation of the degraded plant by planting the best trees local to a region. As we all know, large trees help to clean the air we breathe, reduce water and soil erosion, filter the water, provide habitat for thousands of birds and insects. Help the NGOs by increasing the population of trees which eventually will increase the world’s biodiversity.

In India, tree planting off late has become very famous and people contribute in good volumes to NGO in planting more trees. If you wish to plant a tree and find no time to do so, donate online for tree plantation Ngo in India. To this end, the young volunteers and experts have been vigorously involved in establishing tree plantation movements.

We're working for health awareness program


Indian health system is yet to be evolved as in the western world. The people in rural part of the country and urban slum dwellers suffer from adverse health conditions. The Trust play a critical role in solving this health crisis in the country by two pronged approach –

Create enough awareness among people on the need for hygiene and safety and
Support the poor with simple and complicated free medical services.

The Trust partner with leading hospitals, government run hospitals and institutions with primary healthcare facilities and services.

The following are the wonderful services which the Trust in Delhi offers to the needy -
Offer medical consultation to old age people at the doorsteps.
Supplying of spectacles to old age people and the needy post testing their problem.
Treatment to undertake emergency operations for those who are unprivileged and disadvantaged.
With support from partner organizations and hospitals services such as medical treatment and regular medications are provided at free of cost.
In COVID situation, poor people are provided with preventive care kits and measures such as soaps, sanitizers, masks and immunity boosters.
Taking health care to remote and needy people is the need of the hour. You can support online for medical of poor people in India and your contribution will definitely change numerous lives. Health fairness can only be comprehended if vulnerable segments of the society get access to excellence and reasonable health care.

We're working for animal betterment


Imagine a world where there was no one to protect us against the injustices caused. No one to take care of people who haven’t had the best time on this planet. Imagine a world without any kind of welfare organizations for us. It would have been tough right? Governments make laws that protect us but they can’t take care of everything. This is where welfare organizations come up. Similarly, animals need them too. Animal welfare organizations do self-less work for the care of animals

Kotgari Devi Trust have existed for a long time in India that provide animal care, support animal welfare, and rights, and protect them from cruel human actions that threaten their existence.